Hi All,


July saw Keith Purton a regular customer from Hong Kong, return for another visit to Teak Tree with his son Andrew.  They decided to have a species competition for there 3 day stay, however Andrew had the choice of swims and managed to beat his father 10 -7 and in doing so he managed a few personal bests including his first Catla Catla/Indian carp of  37lb's ( Andrew is no novice carp angler and managed four 40'lb Commons while out in South Africa last December!  Quite an achievement for a young angler).




After catching a Siamese of around 25lb he changed tactics from popped up corn to float fish bread and a bit of ground baiting he managed to get a lovely Mudcarp. The Alligator came to some sausage that they brought from Hong Kong and the Featherback to fish-bait, the rains came just after they left and the lake is full to overflowing and many fish are subsequently spawning. Hope you are all well and enjoying your summer.



Tight Lines.